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Citizen Journalism

Citizen journalism is non-professionals “playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing and disseminating news and information,” according to Shayne Bowman and Chris Willi in their report We Media: How audiences are shaping the future of news and information.

These blogging communities are perfect examples of citizen journalism. Most of the bloggers on these sites do not have journalism experience and most of them are not getting paid for what they are putting onto the site. But, nonetheless, they are creating original content and bringing attention to stories that the mainstream media is not picking up. This happened in October after Republican Representative Robin Hayes made a comment at a McCain rally in North Carolina. He said “liberals hate real Americans that work and achieve and believe in God.” Most of the national media was not there when he said it, so they did not pick it up. But because of the attention paid to it by bloggers like Betsy Muse at BlueNC, and later the Crypt at Politico, the national media picked up the story. At first Hayes denied the comments, saying that it wasn’t reported by any of the national media outlets. But after some research, the bloggers were able to prove that he made the comments and he was forced to apologize.

There is breaking news at OP also, such as the reporting of the Pit incident that I mentioned earlier. Sinreich wants people to search out news and information and break stories on the site if they find them. She even claims that they have been “breaking news” since 2003 in the “About Us” section of the website.

Daily Kos is often mentioned by professional media networks because of the wealth of information and news that is posted on there. Here is a reference from the Atlantic, PBS, Fox News, and ABC News. They even did their own polling leading up to the election so that they did not have to rely on other organizations but could instead get the news for themselves.

Because of its national focus and large readership, DKos is going to garner more attention from traditional news organizations than local blogs like BlueNC or OP will. But OP has been mentioned in local publications like the Independent.

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