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Orange Politics

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Orange Politics front page

Orange Politics front page is a hyper-local political blogging site that was founded by Ruby Sinreich in 2003. The mission of OP, according to the website, is “to encourage residents of Orange County, NC to get involved in their community by offering progressive perspectives on local and regional issues.”

Anyone can join OP and membership includes a personal blog. The site fosters discussion of local issues, information on community events and breaking news. Though members add a good part of the content, Ruby essentially runs the website by herself. The site operates on donations from users and does not host any advertisements.



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BlueNC front page

BlueNC front page

BlueNC, subtitled “The People’s Think Tank,” was created in 2006 as a limited-liability corporation. The blog focuses on progressive politics in North Carolina. As the title suggests, the site aims to be a voice and gathering place for “blue” (Democratic) North Carolinians.

Anyone can become a member and with membership comes a free blog and the ability to comment on other blogs. The site also recently added a forum to promote further discussion for group members.

Daily Kos

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Daily Kos front page

Daily Kos front page is a national progressive political blogging site that was started by Markos Moulitsas ZĂșniga in 2002. Kos (as he is better known) created the site “in those dark days when an oppressive and war-crazed administration suppressed all dissent as unpatriotic and treasonous. As a veteran, Moulitsas was offended that the freedoms he pledged his life for were so carelessly being tossed aside by the reckless and destructive Republican administration.”

What started as just a blog has turned into a massive blogging community where anyone can create a blog and enter into the discussion. Even more recently, the site has set up it’s own independent polling and has six paid staffers.